UVC Robot

Autonomous UVC disinfection robot

 22 000,00 €
Autonomous | Intuitive | Volumetric scanner | Thermal detection

Ultra-fast, autonomous, and professional disinfection.

The DTS Robot is the first fully autonomous UVC disinfection robot for professionals, designed and manufactured in France. Thanks to its 4 UV-C 150W lamps in the first version and 8 UV-C 150W lamps in the second version, it disinfects a room in record time - 5 min for 50 m².

Thanks to its A.I., the DTS Robot disinfects your premises autonomously, ensuring that all areas have been treated. No operator is required. Its 360° thermal human detection system makes it the safest robot on the market.

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  • Works without prior mapping
  • Up to 2000 m² in a single session
  • Automatic human detection
  • 5G connection
  • Map-based disinfection reporting

Technical data

- 220V/240V ± 10% 50/60 Hz

- 9000 hours of lamps included

- Wavelength: UV-c 254 nm

- Power 600w (4x150W)

- UV irradiation at 1 metre ± 1360 µW / cm².

- Weight 40-50 kg

- Dimensions 160x45x35cm

Step by step

Easy to use and install

  1. Place the Robot in a room.
  2. Choose the disinfection method / pathogens to be treated.
  3. Activate and exit the room in 40 seconds.
  4. The appliance indicates the end of the cycle with an audible signal.  
  5. Your room is now disinfected and safe.


How does UV disinfection work?

When bacteria, viruses and protozoa are exposed to the germicidal wavelengths of UV light (between 200 and 280 nm), they lose their ability to reproduce and become harmless. Find out more about UVC disinfection.

Why use a UVC disinfection robot?

A robot like DTS's saves an incredible amount of time disinfecting surfaces (e.g. 15 minutes for a Covid room, compared with 1.5 hours for manual cleaning), and provides disinfection cycles for less than €1, compared with several dozen euros for conventional disinfection cleaning.

What does it mean to be autonomous?

Thanks to its artificial intelligence, the DTS Robot disinfects your premises autonomously, ensuring that all areas have been treated. It moves on its own and knows where to land for the most effective disinfection of each surface, so no operator is needed. Its 360° thermal human detection system makes it the safest robot on the market.

What are its features?

- Remote smartphone control and stand-alone mode

- Programmable circuits (parts, shelving, ERP, etc.)

- Automatically optimized cycle times for reduced downtime in the area to be disinfected

- Human presence detectors via sensors

- Smart camera for detecting people and objects

- Human-safe technologies at 222 nm (vs. 254 nm) (on request)

- Air recycling control (150 m³/h) + surface disinfection

- Optimized circulation of purified air in the volume

- Audit of 3D surfaces & volumes to be disinfected (using Lidar)

- Control of disinfection cycle efficiency by pathogen type, each pathogen having its own UVC resistance

- Remote communication (SIM 4G)

- Efficiency reporting / cycles for disinfection managers

- Additional SAAS services & business applications (on request)

- Alerts

The 1st autonomous UVC disinfection robot made in France

DTS has developed the Robot V1 to disinfect large areas in complete autonomy. Clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies, companies, stores, public buildings... the Robot is able to wander independently through corridors, rooms, blocks or between shelves, enabling sterilization to a minimum of 99.99% (LOG 4). All targeted surfaces and ambient air are safely decontaminated, with no risk to humans. Disinfection by UV-C radiation is becoming the most ecological and least caustic disinfection solution. For warehouses, department stores and public places, DTS designs and produces intelligent robots capable of destroying up to 100 different types of harmful pathogens (with 700 variables) according to need.


The Robot disinfects air and surfaces in small and large spaces. UV-C radiation effectively destroys all types of micro-organisms, including viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae. The rate of pathogen elimination depends on distance, exposure time and UV-C power (joules per meter 2 and watts). This makes it possible to calculate the eradication rate of targeted pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2, staphylococcus, hepatitis, aspergillus niger, poliomyelitis... in LOGs ranging from 1 to 6. The NanoRobot disinfects all environments likely to harbor micro-organisms up to LOG5, i.e. a 99.999% disinfection rate.


UV-C is renowned for its high-quality germicidal properties over short or long distances. However, the laws of physics create obstacles that call into question the effectiveness of UV-C light, commonly known as shadow zones or cold zones. The challenge, therefore, is to avoid having to manually reposition the UV-C disinfection device over and over again. Only with the autonomous Nanorobot can you irradiate all surfaces in a given area, even those likely to be a shadow zone.

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15-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology; 2560-by-1600 native resolution


1.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz, with 128MB of eDRAM


8GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 onboard memoryConfigurable to 16GB of memory