Disinfection of Cultural Venues

Case studies

Reopening of cinemas and theaters accompanied by UV disinfection

Covid-19: the entertainment world in crisis

Closure of cinemas, concert halls, theaters... theCovid-19 epidemic has taken its toll on the cultural sector, bringing 800,000 employees and intermittent workers in the entertainment industry to a halt, in the uncertainty and expectation of putting a smile back on people's faces. Rehearsals, filming without an audience, film and series shoots... Despite the confinement, initiatives multiplied over the months to keep the creative process going.

After 5 months of closure, the cultural sites have been authorized to reopen since May 19, under strict sanitary protocols and as part of a gradual decontamination process. According to executive decisions, cultural establishments can welcome up to 800 visitors simultaneously indoors and 1,000 outdoors.

How can this reopening of cultural venues be accompanied by an effective and rapid disinfection protocol?

Installation of UV-C lamps in cultural venues

DT-Solution develops systems for air purification and surface disinfection using UV-C radiation.

UV-C ceiling lights for fixed installation in theaters and cinemas

The 150w UV-C neon ceiling lights are attached to the ceiling of the room by DT-Solution's own technicians. Depending on the size of the room and its height, the ceiling lights disinfect and reduce any risk of contagion to Covid-19 in around 10 minutes . Seats, counters, dressing rooms and reception halls are completely purified.
The Festival d'Avignon, for example, is planning a 40-45 minute gap between each show to ventilate and disinfect halls for its 2021 edition.

Get back to work with confidence, and keep your staff and public safe. The air in strolling areas can be continuously purified, providing a real moment of relaxation. Rapid, effective disinfection between each show will reassure your audience, while signage guaranteeing regular disinfection by UV-C radiation will identify your establishment as committed to this approach, and ensure peace of mind.

Flagship Solutions

UVC Disinfection

UVC Robot

Automate surface disinfection

  • Autonomous
  • Communicating
  • 99.99% efficient
    Disinfects 2000 m² in a single load

Disinfection Box

Flash disinfection box for objects

  • Economical
  • Durable
  • 99.99% efficient


Continuous, unfiltered air disinfection

  • Autonomous
  • Filterless
  • Over 99% effective
    Disinfects 75 m³ / h