Pharmacy or Laboratory Disinfection

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UV-C disinfection for pharmacies and analysis laboratories

Disinfection in pharmacies and laboratories: preventing new high-risk sources of contamination

While the government's strategy to combat the spread of SARS-CoV-2 is based on screening for new cases and vaccination, analysis laboratories and pharmacies concentrate the risks of Covid-19 contamination.

The latter are facilitated in enclosed wandering areas, subject to regular contact with products on the shelves or at the counter.

In this context, pharmacists have introduced a system of manual disinfection using chemical sprays between customers. Expensive, time-consuming and not very environmentally-friendly, this solution costs pharmacies and laboratories several thousand euros every year.

Our UV-C disinfection solution for pharmacies and analysis laboratories

In partnership with our pharmacists, physicians and dentists partners, we have developed NanoPur-Tan air and surface disinfection system using UV-C radiation.

The cart, equipped with a 150w UV-C lamp, disinfects a 20 m² room in 5 minutes. By destroying nucleic acids and disrupting DNA, UV-C radiation inactivates micro-organisms, viruses and bacteria, unable to perform vital cellular functions.

Your counters and shelves are sanitized between each customer. The air in reception areas is continuously purified, allowing you to sell, advise and examine with complete peace of mind. And all thanks to ultraviolet disinfection for pharmacies and laboratories.

We also provide you with functional safety signage. So your customers know what you're doing, and can rest assured that they're in safe hands!

Flagship Solutions

UVC Disinfection

UVC Robot

Automate surface disinfection

  • Autonomous
  • Communicating
  • 99.99% efficient
    Disinfects 2000 m² in a single load

Disinfection Box

Flash disinfection box for objects

  • Economical
  • Durable
  • 99.99% efficient


Continuous, unfiltered air disinfection

  • Autonomous
  • Filterless
  • Over 99% effective
    Disinfects 75 m³ / h