Office or Meeting room Disinfection

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Office disinfection with UVC light

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees, and must implement a risk assessment and prevention program to avoid contamination between colleagues in the course of their work.

As such, it must carry out an assessment of occupational risks, taking into account how the disease is transmitted and the notion of close contact. Office disinfection enables the employer to guarantee a healthy working environment for employees and visitors, and to reduce the circulation of germs, bacteria and viruses such as influenza, gastro-enteritis or Covid-19.

Internal turnover, teleworking, manual disinfection... these are just some of the solutions available to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria.

However, as offices reopen and become busier, continual disinfection of your premises is essential.

UV-C light, the disinfection solution for offices

To meet the challenges and needs of professional premises, DT-Solution has developed customized UV-C air and surface disinfection systems.

The Serenity UV-C cart for open-spaces, cafeterias and offices

Consisting of 4 x 150W UV-C lamps, the Serenity disinfects 50 m² in 10 min. Equipped with a touch screen and built-in calculator, the Serenity guides you through every step of the disinfection process, from the disinfection time adapted to your premises, to setting up the protocol and informing your staff.

Let's work together to determine the best solution for your business, based on your challenges, your activity and your budget. Request a quote.

Flagship Solutions

UVC Disinfection

UVC Robot

Automate surface disinfection

  • Autonomous
  • Communicating
  • 99.99% efficient
    Disinfects 2000 m² in a single load

Disinfection Box

Flash disinfection box for objects

  • Economical
  • Durable
  • 99.99% efficient


Continuous, unfiltered air disinfection

  • Autonomous
  • Filterless
  • Over 99% effective
    Disinfects 75 m³ / h