Medical Office Disinfection

Case studies

UVC disinfection of a medical practice

Mr R, a chiropractor, sees and treats over 20 patients a day.

After the arrival of Covid-19, the latter and the various types of medical practices had to adapt to new disinfection measures. The latter were obliged to disinfect their practices with chemical spray between each client. A time-consuming, costly and polluting process.

Since then, Mr R has noticed a reduction in the number of daily appointments. This is to give him time to disinfect and air his practice between each consultation.

How to accommodate as many patients as before the arrival of SARS-CoV-2. Without jeopardizing patient safety?
"Since I've had to disinfect my practice, it's been taking up an inordinate amount of my time, which means I've had to cut back on the number of appointments I usually make!"

UV-C disinfection, the ideal solution for all medical practices

To alleviate this problem, Doctor R set out to find a quick, simple and effective solution.

Ultraviolet disinfection proved ideal for meeting all his requirements!

So, to meet his needs, DT Solution installed their UV-C disinfection cart in his practice, the NanoPur-T.

Doctor R usually spends dozens of minutes disinfecting and airing his practice for each patient.

On the other hand, in a 25 m² treatment room, it takes the Avignon cart just 5 minutes to perform a germicidal disinfection that is 99.99% effective germicidal disinfection. In this way, the contaminated droplets generated in walking areas are stripped of their contagious virus.

"Since my practice has been equipped with the DTS NanoPur-T, I've noticed an undeniable time saving between each patient. This allows me to take on many more!"
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Flagship Solutions

UVC Disinfection

UVC Robot

Automate surface disinfection

  • Autonomous
  • Communicating
  • 99.99% efficient
    Disinfects 2000 m² in a single load

Disinfection Box

Flash disinfection box for objects

  • Economical
  • Durable
  • 99.99% efficient


Continuous, unfiltered air disinfection

  • Autonomous
  • Filterless
  • Over 99% effective
    Disinfects 75 m³ / h