Ozonated water

What is ozonated water?

Ozonated water, known scientifically as "aqueous ozone", is a dissolution of ozone gas in water.

Aqueous ozone is an exceptionally powerful oxidizing agent for the rapid and effective disinfection and cleaning of surfaces.

When ozone particles come into contact with viruses, bacteria, germs and other biological agents, the ozone reacts instantly to degrade the micro-organisms at cellular level.

Compared with other common industrial disinfectants such as chlorine, ozonated water is more effective, faster-acting and more environmentally friendly.

Ozonated water allows disinfection and cleaning without the use of toxic products, and is produced using only air, running water and electricity.

Ozonated water is water enriched with O3 molecules known not only for their virucidal and bactericidal properties, but also for their ability to degrade pesticides present on fruit and vegetables.

Its hyper-oxidizing action breaks down impurities and disinfects all materials and surfaces. Its action breaks down the DNA and RNA of micro-organisms.

History of ozonated water

Ozonated water has been used for over 100 years as a powerful cleaner and disinfectant. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is more effective than bleach, yet completely natural, safe and environmentally friendly.

1906 - In the city of Nice, the first water purification plant using aqueous ozone was built and is still in operation today. This was the first formally documented use of ozonation. Today, ozonation is used in over 1,000 water treatment plants worldwide for water disinfection and other purposes.

1940 - The U.S. Naval Academy pool began using ozonated water, receiving antimicrobial approval in 1976.

1982 - Aqueous ozone was approved for use in bottled water purification. Olympic swimming pools installed for the Los Angeles Olympics were subsequently cleaned and disinfected using this method in 1984.

2001 - Aqueous ozone was not approved by the FDA for food preparation facilities and food contact surfaces until some time later, which was an important development in its history.

2022 - DT-Solution has developed the first ozonated water generating plant manufactured in France, with the aim of making water and surface disinfection more sustainable, safer, less expensive and more effective.

Durable and Effective Disinfection and Cleaning with Ozonated Water

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DTS has developed a plant that transforms running water into ozonated water, allowing you to benefit from this safer, greener and more effective solution than traditional chemicals.

In Practice

  • Disinfects and cleans surfaces in less than 30 seconds.
  • Ozonated water is just as effective as bleach while eliminating the need for transport, without chemical hazards, without plastic packaging, without environmentally harmful waste, and all for less cost.

When is ozonated water used?

Is ozonated water really effective?

  • It has cleaning power comparable to hospital-grade disinfectants registered by the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency).
  • Several aqueous ozone solutions have been scientifically tested against a wide range of bacteria and viral strains.
  • It works in significantly less time than many disinfectants on the market, allowing surfaces to be disinfected and cleaned in less than 30 seconds.
  • The typical half-life of aqueous ozone produced by our on-site generator in a water supply is 15 minutes.
  • This means that within the first five to ten minutes of ozone production by our generator, the water is at its most powerful as a super-oxidant and disinfectant.
  • In most cases, two hours after charging, all ozone molecules disperse spontaneously and revert to ordinary oxygen.

Is ozonated water safe?

  • Aqueous ozone is considered safe by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and is generally safer than many traditional chemical-based cleaners on the market.
  • The ozonated water generated by Neptune ozone generators is a powerful disinfectant, yet it is not corrosive and does not irritate the skin or lungs. Producing ozonated water presents no fire hazard and a little to no chance of emitting traces of ozone gas with properly functioning equipment.
  • There have never been any deaths attributed to contact with ozonated water. On the other hand, there are daily reports of deaths linked to popular household cleaning products.
  • Ozone not only eliminates harmful bacteria instantly, it also leaves no chemical traces or odours. It has the ability to thoroughly clean instruments and surfaces without using hazardous chemicals or leaving chemical residues.
  • After spraying, let the ozone-infused water stand for 30 seconds before wiping or air-drying. Any remaining water evaporates and the ozone reverts to oxygen, leaving no chemical residue.

Reducing ecological impact

  • Thanks to ozonated water, chemical cleaning agents like chlorine are no longer needed to sterilize your home or workplace.
  • Producing ozonated water on site avoids the production of plastic waste and additional containers, and frees users from the need to store and transport detergent products.
  • All a business or home needs to generate ozone on site is a constant supply of filtered water when using our ozone generator, which represents huge environmental benefits.
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