The DTS Design Office Creates Your Custom Project

Our design office has 4 departments

  • Engineering
    Our teams develop and manufacture your customized systems. We accompany you from 3D, through POC to your first production runs.
  • Programming
    We program your products to make them simple and intuitive to use.
  • Workshop
    Our fully equipped workshop enables you to produce prototypes quickly and cost-effectively.
  • IoT
    Stay connected: you or your customers can control product performance remotely.

Have an idea for disinfection or cleaning products using UVC or ozonated water ?

Our experts can help you develop your solutions.

We manage the entire process with you, from development to your first series.

Development of sustainable, economical and automated disinfection and cleaning products Automated Disinfection and CleaningIn our design office, a workshop equipped to launch new projects and sustainable, efficient productsWe have already completed a number of long-lasting, effective disinfection and cleaning projects tailored to your needs.

Our Disinfection Engineering Department

Our technology bricks enable us to provide an already industrialized platform, combining presence detectors, lidar, communicating 4G SIMs, thermal cameras, etc. as required. They also enable design, electronic, hardware and software integration with your equipment and use cases.

Some successful projects

  • UVC disinfectionunits.
  • Integrated air conditioning with UVC disinfection.
  • Integrated counter with UVC disinfection and presence detector.
  • UVC air purification column with HEPA filter and VOC and CO2 monitoring.
  • UVC decontamination cart for sensitive areas (hospitals, ERP, stores, businesses, transport).
  • UVC disinfection robots.
  • UVC disinfection kit for touch screens, control terminals, ticket vending machines, etc.
  • Portal for disinfecting bulky objects.
  • UVC ceiling lights for disinfecting large venues such as theaters and cinemas.
  • Integration of UVC disinfection systems in public transport (metro, bus, streetcar, train, etc.) and private transport (airplanes, cruises, etc.).
  • Other integrations of UVC disinfection systems for elevators, electronic payment terminals, checkout counters, etc.

Our building blocks for your projects

  • 3D reconstruction of parts and objects (Lidar + proprietary algorithm + cameras).
  • Efficiency measurement (algorithm for approaching surfaces in displacement mode).
  • Human presence analysis (camera with Machine Learning + thermal camera + Lidar).
  • Multi-pathogen strategy (parameterization, efficiency per pathogen).
  • Circuit optimization (stand-alone or controlled mode or predefined circuit).
  • Remote monitoring, air quality (CO2, temperature, Cov, particles, etc.).
  • Energy optimization (algorithm synchronized with sensors and human presence).
  • Predictive maintenance and fleet management.
  • Multiflux: UVC 254 nm and 222 nm.
Disinfection efficiency. Product innovation. Chemical-free sustainability.